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Energy Audit

Pursuant to Federal Law No. 261-FZ On Energy Saving and Increased Energy Efficiency... dated November 23, 2009, Sfera Group of Companies offers energy inspections of industrial enterprises and organizations.

As a guarantee of the quality of its comprehensive energy inspection, Sfera LLC has:

  • A certificate of membership of the International Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources NP SRO
  • A certificate for performance of energy inspection activities
  • Qualified, professionally trained personnel
  • A complex of state-of-the-art devices and measurement tools

The Company currently employs highly qualified specialists, specially trained to carry out any unconventional objectives and to work with the most advanced equipment.

Since it started operations in energy audit, Sfera LLC has carried out over 70 energy inspections at industrial and social facilities in Tula Region. Projects we have implemented include: Gazstroydetal OJSC of Gazprom OJSC, Tula Plant of RTP CJSC, Kaluga House-Building Combine LLC, FC Arsenal LLC, the Administration of the Federal Bailiff Service in Tula Region, establishments of education and culture of municipal units of Tula Region (Tula, Novomoskovsk, Shchekino and Arsenievo Districts). Documents prepared on these projects have successfully passed the required expert examination and have been forwarded to the Ministry of Energy of Russia and Customers.

For 2011, the Company received a Letter of Appreciation from the International Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources NP, a self-regulating organization in energy inspection based at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, for active involvement in implementing the State Program for Energy Saving and Increased Energy Efficiency, professional excellence, good-faith and high-quality work in conducting energy inspections.

Work is under way in 2012 to conduct energy audits at a number of major industrial enterprises of the region such as AK Tulmashzavod OJSC, NPO Splav OJSC, Efremov Synthetic Rubber Plant OJSC, Tula Arms Plant OJSC and others.

A new portfolio of orders is being drawn up for inspections of industrial and social facilities.

An energy inspection includes:

  • An end-to-end inspection of energy supply and energy consumption systems
  • Thermovision inspection of building envelopes of buildings and structures, electrical equipment, process equipment, etc.
  • Development of recommendations to increase the effectiveness of operation of energy equipment and reduce the costs associated with consumption of fuel and energy resources by the organization or enterprise
  • Development and registration of an energy performance certificate of an enterprise or organization with the relevant authorities

After the energy audit the Company provides the customer with the following:

  • An energy performance certificate of the enterprise or organization prepared in accordance with requirements of the Russian Ministry of Energy
  • A report that assesses the efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources and indicates reserves available for their saving
  • Technical and organizational energy saving measures with an indication of predicted savings in kind and in monetary equivalent
  • A program for increased performance of the energy business and rational use of energy

A distinctive feature of an energy inspection carried out by Sfera LLC is its integrated nature. At the request of the customer the Company carries out a turn-key implementation of elaborated energy saving measures — from engineering and delivery to assembly and startup of equipment.

Mandatory energy inspection of an enterprise or organization is carried out stage by stage, within the following phases:

  1. Assessment of the energy efficiency of an enterprise, determination of probable reasons of impractical use of (energy) resources, and selection of priority energy-saving areas
    • Analysis of existing contractual arrangements with energy (resource) providers.
    • Analysis of performance of the existing control and accounting system. Verification of whether device control data is complete and reliable. Verification of whether reporting documents are objective and representative.
    • Assessment of the technical condition of power-engineering equipment in terms of efficiency of energy use. Analysis of existing maintenance regulations, justification and regularity of repair and restoration works.
    • Assessment of performance of power-engineering equipment based on verification of whether the actual load corresponds to the installed capacity of production power-engineering equipment. A retrospective analysis of changes in production indicators and the energy business. Assessment of changes in energy consumption depending on production load based on available historical data.
    • Assessment of the effectiveness of resource consumption planning. Selective assessment of growth in energy consumption caused by irregular production.
    • A generalized assessment of potential growth of energy efficiency through the elimination of unreasonable losses of energy resources caused by physical wear and tear of equipment, inadequate process flowcharts, operating management and the existing system of accounting and control of energy resources.
    • Assessment of potential energy saving yielded by implementation of energy saving technologies and state-of-the-art energy-efficient equipment.
    • Determination of top-priority areas for increased energy efficiency of production and the reduced financial cost of resource procurement.
  2. Development of measures and technical solutions to be included in the Energy Performance Certificate of the enterprise and (if necessary) the Energy Saving Program. Development and authorization of the Energy Performance Certificate of the enterprise
    • Inventory-taking of major energy consuming equipment for completion of standard forms of the Energy Performance Certificate.
    • Assessment of actual FER consumption balances.
    • Assessment of actual specific consumption of FER.
    • Development of commercially reasonable measures and technical solutions to be included in the Energy Performance Certificate.
    • Completion of standard forms of the Energy Performance Certificate.
    • Authorization of the Energy Performance Certificate by the management of the enterprise and superior organizations.
  3. Development of the Program for Increased Energy Efficiency of Production and Development of the Energy Business for major industrial enterprises
    • Determination of criteria and priorities for formation of the program. Development and authorization (by specialists of the enterprise) of a concept of the program for development of the energy business and rational use of energy.
    • Check of fundamental limitations in terms of technical implementation of energy saving measures and innovative projects in manufacturing conditions of the enterprise.
    • Coordination of estimated expected technical and economic outcomes of implementation with specialists from the enterprise. Joint assessment of necessary investment.
    • Verification of energy saving measures and innovative projects against development and production modernization plans.
    • Formation of a top-priority program for implementation of projects involving development of the energy business, energy saving measures and technical solutions.

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