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Supply of gas boosting stations for the energy sector

Sfera LLC is a reliable supplier of turn-key gas boosting stations and gas treatment plants for gas turbine power units at power plants. All of the company's operations in this field are implemented in an integrated manner: from engineering and component selection to installation, startup and after-sales service.

For power generating companies of Gazprom OJSC under a long-term cooperation agreement with Gazprom Energoholding LLC, the Company:

  • has completed the delivery, including supervised installation, startup and after-sales service, of a gas boosting station (GBS) with a unique six-stage centrifugal compressor made by Borsig (Germany) for GTE-65 TETs-9 (a branch of Mosenergo);
  • is performing the delivery of GBS equipment made by Borsig for PGU-420 at Serovskaya GRES and made by Cameron for PGU-420 at Cherepovetskaya GRES (OGK-2 OJSC);
  • is performing the delivery of GBS equipment made by Cameron (USA) for PGU-220 TETs-12, PGU-420 TETs-16 and PGU-420 TETs-20 (Mosenergo).

For power generating assets of CES Holding, the Company is completing a turn-key delivery of GBS made by Borsig (Germany) and gas treatment plants within the following projects:

  • Reconstruction of Kirovskaya TETs-3 and Izhevskaya TETs-1 (TGK-5)
  • Reconstruction of Vladimirskaya TETs-2 and Novogorkovskaya TETs (TGK-6)
  • Reconstruction of Permskaya TETs-9 and Nizhneturinskaya GRES, construction of Novo-Bogoslovskaya TETs and Akademicheskaya TETs (TGK-9)

GBS made by Cameron is delivered for Omskaya TETs-3, an asset of INTER RAO UES OJSC

Sfera will make a turn-key delivery of compressor and other equipment from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers for the energy sector as well as the oil and gas and the chemical sectors.

With its 170-plus years of history, the German concern Borsig offers tailor-made solutions in production and application of compressors, heat exchangers, devices based on membrane technologies, boiler room hardware, equipment for power plants, engineering and after-sales service.

Borsig equipment, renowned for its German quality, has been for decades supplied to and operated in a number of countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, EU countries, the Middle East, China, India, South-East Asia, and Australia. Borsig compressors are widely used in the chemical and oil and gas sectors of Russia and CIS and they are applied in the energy sector.

In the Russian market, Sfera offers the entire range of Borsig equipment:

  • Gas boosting stations for combined heat and power units
  • Piston and turbine compressors for process gases
  • Main and ancillary equipment for boiler room units
  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Units based on membrane technologies

Cameron (based in the USA) is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industry. According to Fortune 500, a rating of the largest global corporations, Cameron, with its 177 years of history, confidently holds leading positions in the global market of equipment for oil and gas production and processing with an annual turnover of more than 5 billion dollars.

A unit of Cameron International Corporation, Cameron Compression Systems produces centrifugal and piston compressors, and blower installations.

Applications of compressor equipment:

  • Gas boosting stations for gas turbines (methane)
  • Hydrocarbon gas
  • Ammonia for refrigerating units
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Synthetic gas

Sfera is a partner of Cameron in delivering compressor equipment to the Russian market.

The Company is promoting its cooperation with leading Russian enterprises (Plant SiN-gaz CJSC, Saratov, etc.) to ensure end-to-end deliveries of GBS, including gas treatment units (GTU).

GBS and GTU are equipped with hardware AMS TP complexes made by Siemens (Germany) and Tekon (Russia) for their automated management.

There are plans to expand cooperation with foreign partners and make a transition to import substitution of components and ancillary systems for compressor equipment, to create a joint venture under the auspices of Gazstroydetal OJSC (a member of the Sfera Group of Companies) certified under international requirements and standards, for the manufacture of separate units and systems for compressor equipment, furnishing and top assembly of GBS.


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