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Development and implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency measures

Energy saving and energy efficiency measures designed during an energy audit allow, when implemented, to save an average of about one third of all consumed energy resources.

When implementing energy efficiency measures on power and heat supply systems, Sfera Group of Companies offers the following types of services:

Engineering of power supply networks and heating systems:

Development, authorization and expert examination of project documentation for installation of heat-and-power equipment and installations, systems for metering of energy carriers and thermal energy, internal and external power supply systems and electrical networks, development of technical specifications and obtainment of permissions for connection of the capacity to electrical networks, development of power supply projects and preparation of technical reports.


  • Installation of power units and mini heat and power plants
  • Installation of heat-and-power equipment and installations and systems for metering of energy carriers and thermal energy
  • Piping and connection of heat-and-power equipment and installations, systems for metering of energy carriers and thermal energy to existing pipelines and utilities
  • Installation and startup of control and measurement devices and automatic controls
  • Thermal insulation of process pipelines and equipment
  • Installation of power transformers and complete transformer substations
  • Installation of lighting and electrical power equipment
  • Laying of cable and aerial 0.4-35 KV transmission lines

Startup and process flow tests:

  • Startup and process flow tests of heat-and-power equipment, systems for metering of energy carriers, thermal energy and instrumentation and control equipment
  • Preparation, issue and authorization of technical reports and opinions following startup and process flow tests
  • A complete package of services related to on-site diagnostics and startup of installed electrical and technical equipment.
  • Preparation of protocols and technical reports following measurements and inspections and issue of recommendations and comments

Commissioning of the facility

  • Preparation, authorization and submission of documents for connection of operation-ready facilities to heat and power networks

Warranty and after-sales service

  • Delivery of electrical and heat-and-power equipment, essential components and materials
  • Assumption of warranty obligations for all works performed and equipment delivered
  • Provision of end-to-end after-sales service

Having all necessary licenses and permits, professional experience, and a staff of highly qualified specialists, the Company can guarantee the competitiveness, high quality of works and services, and the reliable operation of the networks and equipment it installs.


+7 (4872) 25-99-30

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