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Construction/repair/reconstruction of compressor stations

The company performs a package of works related to capital construction, repair, reconstruction, technical retrofitting, startup and after-sale service of compressor stations.

The Company has commissioned the following:

  • Two gas-compressor units (GCU) — 16 DG Ural with a pressure range of 5.17–7.45 MPa with a converted marine engine, and DG 90L2.1 with a driving power of 16 MW
  • A power block with a gas turbine engine
  • A supercharger unit that incorporates a centrifugal supercharger
  • A confuser, a diffuser with counter flanges, power plugs, attachment and sealant elements
  • A support unit that includes elements of systems for fire-fighting and cleanup of the engine gas-air duct
  • A control unit with an automatic control system and low-voltage complete devices for GCU
  • The system for cooling, pressurization of the transmission cover, air intake, heating of cycle air; the exhaust system; the oil management system
  • The gas system, including filters, shutoff and control valves, pipes and metering devices
  • Systems for lighting, heating, ventilation, drainage, and fire protection

The Company has carried out construction, installation and commissioning of buildings, structures, networks and systems such as:

  • Two underground drain tanks of 3 cu. m
  • An installation for treatment of fuel and pulsed gas
  • A gas fire-fighting station (MIZHU) with automated feed of fire suppressant to fire-fighting systems of GCU
  • A power unit
  • A diesel power station with a 3 cu. m. diesel fuel warehouse
  • A complete transformer substation for the gas air cooler
  • A junction point for Shop No. 4 at KS-13 Urdoma with an instrument block-box
  • Reconstruction of the operating room with an extension
  • A gas purification installation, a condensate drainage and gathering system with systems of nonflow blowdown of dust catchers and ejection
  • A complex of process and communication pipes with a diameter of up to 1,000 mm.
  • A complex of outdoor water supply, sewerage and fire-fighting networks: a new integrated potable water, process and fire-fighting circular water line; free-flow production sewerage
  • Heating networks and utilization system pipes.
  • Networks of communication, automation, alarm and speakerphones
  • Power supply systems with a voltage of 10 KW, 380 V, 220 V. Complete transformer substations 2KTPA-1000 and 2KTPA-630
  • Electrochemical protection with an installation of the corrosion monitoring system and profound sacrificial protection
  • A lightning protection and grounding system
  • Searchlight and lightning protection towers

The Company continues work on the second launch complex, Reconstruction of Shop No. 4 at KS-13 Urdoma.


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