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Gazstroydetal OJSC

Gazstroydetal OJSC


Gazstroydetal OJSC is a large machine-building enterprise specialized in the production of connections for gas and oil trunk and industrial lines, oil processing and non-standardized equipment.

Today Gazstroydetal OJSC is an enterprise with unique modern equipment and an impressive staff of highly qualified specialists that manufactures reliable products certified for conformity to requirements of Russian and international standards.


  • Oil and gas treatment equipment: PG-30, PTG-15M fuel gas heaters, single-purpose process units, process block boxes, gas purification units, PPTs 3-15-9357 liquefied gas tank trucks, and gas distribution stations.
  • Connections: pressed bottoms, dished ends, adapter rings, pressed and welded bends, bridges, T-bends, and pipe mounting components.
  • Process equipment: container-type diesel power stations and block boxes for equipment.
  • Fire-fighting equipment: AP 4000-50 dry powder tender.
  • Nonstandardized equipment: freeze-out devices, air receivers, floor-type plate conveyors, pressure domes, inlet-outlet chambers of piston separators, metering stations, oil catchers, steel welding sockets, sockets of stabilization devices, viscous dust catchers, multicyclone dust catchers, tanks of varying capacity (2.5 to 50 cubic meters) etc.

The company's history starts in 1940, with the creation of the Podzemgaz station near Moscow, which supplied gas to plants and organizations of Tula Region for over 20 years, up to 1964.

In 1964, it started mastering and producing non-standardized equipment for the gas sector.

1972 begins the machine-building period of development of the enterprise.

In 1977, the plant starts making pipeline connections.

In 1998, the enterprise was renamed Gazstroydetal OJSC of Gazprom OJSC.

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